Linksys E1200 Router, Vulnerable.

Here is some interesting news.

The US-CERT released the information about the UPnP library being vulnerable to multiple buffer overflow due to some types of SSDP requests that can be sent to the router remotely (can be from both LAN or WAN) to exploit the device.  To keep your router protected, it is recommended that you disable its UPnP setting.


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Running Calibre Content Server on Raspberry Pi.

You should run Calibre on a Windows PC when you want to connect your eReader using a USB connection, but if you would like to connect to your Calibre Library over the Internet, you can run the Content Server on your low-powered Raspberry Pi.

It’s really quite simple, once you have the basic Raspbian OS installed on your Pi, simply SSH into the Pi and execute the following command.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install calibre

You can use a Windows application like WinSCP to connect to your Pi to create a folder and transfer your Calibre Library to your Pi, then just run …

calibre-server –with-library=/home/pi/calibre –daemonize

to run Calibre and point it to the folder you created.

Everything should be up and running, done!

You can use your webbrowser to connect to the content server or configure your eReader to connect to you Pi to see your library…


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